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In providing our customers with the highest quality nutritional supplements available on the market today we have endeavored to meet a number of very specific goals: to make sure a variety of health needs are addressed across the board, and to make sure that the products specific to these needs meet our standards of excellence.
We recognize that every person's needs are different from the next and we strive to make available the most comprehensive product line that addresses all of the varying health goals of our customers. More than anything, the manufacturers that we work with determine the level of quality that we are able to extend to our customers.
And so, at Supervits, we only work with the highest quality suppliers in the business - companies that have shown throughout their history that they are entirely committed to developing and manufacturing superior products; those nutritional supplements that include the highest quality ingredients and are both natural and effective.
So it's not surprising that we have chosen to work with New Chapter - one of the most outstanding companies in the industry today.
New Chapter vitamins and other natural products lines set the bar in the modern promotion of good health. The company itself was founded in 1982 and has since become a pioneer in creating products that are culled from the nutrients derived from whole foods and herbs. Through comprehensive research, New Chapter vitamins and other products are made exclusively from organic ingredients and meant to promote healthy system function throughout the body - and even speak to the particular goals of users - from anti-aging products to products that promote digestion, reduce headache pain, and even support the immune system.
One of the studies performed by New Chapter was that of inflammation. While inflammation has long been identified as the culprit of joint dysfunction and pain, it has been shown that our inflammatory response can have an impact on the functioning of organs throughout the body. Therefore, promoting a healthy inflammatory response can promote the healthier functioning of joints, bones, and even our heart, as well as supporting a healthier aging process. Zyflamend, a patented formula developed by New Chapter contains natural herb and spice ingredients that have been shown to promote healthy inflammatory response, and has - since its development - become the number one selling herbal supplement in the United States. We are proud to offer Zyflamend here at, along with other high quality New Chapter vitamins and products.
In providing New Chapter products to our customers we are once again demonstrating our commitment to providing them with a comprehensive resource for the best of the best in supporting their long term health.

Buy New Chapter here
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