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Sunshine Global Premium Hemp CBD Oil

Is a clinically proven Premium Grade Hemp CBD Oil formulated exclusively for Sunshine Global by two public health companies. Hemp Oil is considered a food product by the FDA. It is a high grade Hemp CBD Oil extracted by a super- critical CO2 cold press that insures the top high-grade Hemp Oil with less than 0.03% THC.

Sunshine Global Hemp CBD Oil comes from the Hemp plant; cousin to the Marijuana plant. However it has NO psychedelic or psycho-active effects. Seeds and stalk are extracted from the Hemp plant to formulate the highest grade raw Hemp CBD Oil.

Possible Relief From:*

Anxiety ~ PTSD ~ Depression ~ Epilepsy ~ Seizures ~ ADD / ADHD, Cancer, Diabetes ~ Neuropathy ~ Arthritis ~ Chronic Pain ~ Skin Conditions ~ Infections Inflammation ~ Alcoholism and MORE!

SUNSHINE GLOBAL HEALTH INSTITUTE was organized by a group of dedicated alternative health associates including health clinics, compound pharmacies, health food store owners, doctors, physician’s assistant, nurses, etc. for the sole purpose of providing high quality, lab tested, legal, insured products in the Hemp CBD and the skin and sun care markets.

The products that you see here are the "REAL DEAL" premium, highly researched and tested CBD and skin care products, backed by lab and field testing.

SUNSHINE GLOBAL has a variety of products available that will help provide relief for many maladies and diseases ranging from chronic pain and anxiety to sleep deprivation.*

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.


Superior 3-Step Process:

The industrial hemp seeds used to create Sunshine Global Premium High Grade Hemp CBD Oil are carefully selected and monitored through each phase of an unrivaled 3 step process to ensure the purest, most potent and highest quality CBD oil on the planet.

STEP 1: Cultivation: Selection of strategic European geographic regions to ensure optimal soil conditions and sunlight utilizing proper herbal farming methods including seed selection, land preparation and nutrient management.

STEP 2: Harvesting: Closely monitoring and nurturing each phase with regular scheduled clippings to encourage branching and fresh growth and harvesting when hemp plant alkaloid content is at its peak phase.

STEP 3: Extraction: A super critical CO2 extraction is used with optimum water temperature and soaking to produce the smoothest, cleanest hemp seed oil extracts for maximum quality, purity and potency

Supercritital Cold Fluid CO2 Extraction

Some techniques for extracting Hemp use high heat and/or toxic solvents which are dangerous, unsustainable and don't extract the full complement of nutrients from the plant. Even worse, they cannot always be fully separated from the end product, which is therefore not clean or pure.

SuperCritical Fluid extraction is a safe, sustainable and superior method. Using state of the art equipment we take harmless Carbon Dioxide (C02) and compress it to upwards of 10,000psi (300 times greater than car tire pressure).

At these extremes C02 becomes' supercritical' where it possesses the properties of both a liquid and a gas at the same time. It is also very cold so it does not harm any heat-sensitive nutrients like enzymes or vitamins.

This supercritical fluid is an exceptional non-toxic solvent. When added to our nutrient rich Hemp it fully liberates the entire treasure of phytonutrients hidden within. The C02 is then
released and recycled leaving a highly concentrated, totally pure extract that is more easily digested and assimilated.

Full Spectrum Cannabinoids

One of the most popular methods used to extract Hemp Oils is alcohol extraction. It is popular because it is cheap and easy, not because it is the best.

Not only is Sunshine Global’s cold CO2 extraction method better at extracting the full spectrum of nutrients, it is done at cold temperatures. The Alcohol extraction used by our competitors requires the Hemp/Alcohol mixture to be boiled for extended periods. The heat can not only damage sensitive nutrients it can cause many volatile oils to be evaporated out of the mixture. So you end up with an oil that may have been damaged and may be lacking some components required for proper synergy.

Highest Purity

Rated #1 in Purity and Strength Hemp Oil in the Eastern U.S.

  • Southeastern Health Academy, Boca Raton, Florida
  • Top Rated Lab Tested Hemp Oil Product in the United States 12/15/2016
  • Institute for Cannabinoid Synergy Research, Miami, Florida

The Best Plants Grown the Best Way In the Best Locations

CBD may sound like something new but it's not new to us. Perfecting the craft of growing Industrial Hemp has been at the heart of our farmer's family for close to 300 years; passed down from father to son over the centuries.

To consistently produce the most nutritious, most synergistic Cannabinoid-rich oils, our plants are organically grown at a specific latitude in specially chosen locations of Northern Europe. Only the finest plants are then chosen for extraction. Trust SUNSHINE GLOBAL for your family and live well.

SUNSHINE GLOBAL Hemp CBD Oil does not contain any synthetic Cannabinoids and is not an isolate. It contains everything that is naturally occurring in the original plant. With Sunshine Global’s premium oils you benefit from the safety and synergistic: interaction of phytonutrients in their complete, balanced form that many scientists believe offers the most benefit.

Terpenes, Nature’s language

All plants such as fruits, vegetables, flowers contain an aromatic compound known as terpenes. These molecules have the tendency to evaporate at room temperature and give any plant its unique “Scent”. There has been a lot of buzz about terpenes due to a recently discovered system known as “the endocannabinoid system”, because of their synergy with another molecule known as “cannabinoids”. Cannabinoids are signaling molecules that control all of our body’s internal systems and having a diet sufficient in terpenes allows these cannabinoids to be carried at a far superior rate and regulate all of our body to a homeostatic rate (balanced rate). In addition, recent studies show that terpenes are also the building blocks of cannabinoids and for this reason offer great medicinal potential.

Throughout the primitive history of human kind, our ancestor’s primary way of identifying whether a plant was edible, was through their sense of smell and taste. As the terpenes evaporate, they give a biologically unique scent, which if pleasant, is an indicator that the plant is edible. With this mechanism, the primates were able to properly source out which foods are edible, nutritious and beneficial to their body. This also indicates foods which lack a pleasant taste or smell, also lack a proper terpenoid build up, and fails to provide the body with any therapeutic effects. For example, eating GMO (genetically modified) fruits and vegetables, or consuming fruits and vegetables that have been sedimentary on a grocery shelf for too long lack the correct terpenoid makeup and therefore taste strangely unsatisfactory compared to an organic fruit or vegetable. In addition, eating fruits and vegetables without the proper terpenoid make up causes our internal cannabinoids to function improperly and our body to lose its homeostatic rate of function.

Hemp, also known scientifically as Cannabis Sativa, has been found to have many of the terpenes found in various fruits and vegetables. In addition, when applying the essential oil extract of other plants to hemp extracts research has shown significant increase in therapeutic effects. In the 1970s there was a distinct rumor that smoking cannabis and eating a mango doubles the high associated with cannabis. Recent studies have found Myrcene, an active terpene in mango to be the primary cause for this effect. Individually, myrcene is a carrier and causes the active cannabinoids in cannabis, such as CBD and THC, to bypass the blood brain barrier easier, thus allowing a significantly higher absorption of the cannabinoids.

Here are some of the other terpenes present in various plants and flowers that have distinct therapeutic potential.



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