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Cholest-T™ promotes healthy heart and liver function to support normal cholesterol levels. It enhances the body's natural liver function, promotes healthy cardiovascular function, and maintains normal cholestoral and triglyceride levels. This formula works well with our Hyper-T, Puri-T, and Metabolism formulas.

Cholesstrinol HP™

Cholesstrinol HP™ is a proprietary formulation of polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) and tocotrienols, both antioxidants, made by SourceOne Global Partners to promote cardiovascular health.


CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) is a vitamin-like antioxidant that is produced naturally in the body. It is found in every cell, especially in the heart and liver, and cells use it to produce energy for growth and maintenance.


Guggul is a shrub most commonly found in India, where its gummy resin is used in Ayurvedic medicine to help manage cholesterol levels.

Phytosterol Complex

Phytosterols are phytosteroids similar to cholesterol, which occur naturally in plants. More than 200 sterols and related compounds have been identified, and they have been shown to help manage LDL cholesterol levels.

Red Yeast Rice

Red Yeast Rice is a bright, reddish purple, fermented rice that is cultivated with a specific type of mold, which is where it gets its color. It has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries, as far back as the Tang Dynasty in 800 AD, to aid in digestion. revitalize the blood, and invigorate the body.


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