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Natural Products Prostate Formula, 180 caps


Pharmecutical Grade- The Most Complete Formula For The Prostate.

180 Caps per bottle, a 45 day supply. 

Glass Bottle, Capsules- A Favorite with Men

Supplies theraputic amounts of key nutrients, such as Saw Palmetto, Beta, Sitosterol, Lycopene, and other nutrients.


When it comes to men’s health, no word is used more often than prostate.

We know that the prostate is integral to the overall healthy functioning of the male system. But we may not completely understand the particulars of that functioning or how the dysfunction of that system can cause subsequent problems.

The prostate is a gland that is a part of the male reproductive system and sits below the bladder; the urethra runs through the prostate and carries semen and urine out of the body.

The main functions of the prostate gland are to help control the flow of urination from the bladder to the urethra and to help support sexual function.

So clearly, when the prostate is not functioning as it should – when it is compromised in some way – the male may experience difficulties with urinating, including painful urination or sexual side effects.

The formula helps support a healthy prostate and keeps it functioning at an optimum level so that urinary and sexual function is protected from compromise.

Utilizing high quality, natural ingredients this product supports prostate function by ensuring that all nutritional bases are covered and that any deficiencies can be corrected so that the prostate has a healthy environment in which to function.

Super Prostate Formula is a part of the high quality product line offered by Supervits as a part of our overall dedication to providing our customers with the highest quality health supplements to foster a lifetime of good health.




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by Martin Kelly
on 10/19/2017
from Cary
Natural products prostate formula
I've used this product for years and it has maintained my psa at a range of 1.7. It also controls my bladder control

by James C
on 6/21/2014
from Orlando
Feel the difference
I have less overall symptoms, and am sleeping better, which is a relief!
by Barnard
on 4/11/2009
from International Falls
I have used many products for the prostrate over the years and this is the first one that has improved my symptoms.  I am glad to finally stop wasting money.
by Fred Reyes
on 3/12/2009
from Birmingham
saves money
i use to buy the beta sitosterol, lycopene, and saw palmetto separately, for a lot more money.  this formula contains high doses of those items and a lot more, and it really has reduced my symptoms, so i recommend it
by Mitch
on 2/25/2009
from Michigan
Very good results
I have seen a noticable reduction in the symptons of my enlarged prostate in just 2 weeks.  I gave a bottle to a friend who has had the same results and now orders it on his own, and have recommended this wonderful supplement to all of my male friends.  Thanks for your quick service getting this to me.
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