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Quality of Life Labs Kinoko Platinum AHCC, 750 mg, 60 Vcaps

A fermented extract of hybridized medicinal mushroom mycelia (roots), AHCC is one of the world’s most researched specialty immune supplements, supported by over 20 human clinical studies.

Studies on AHCC have been conducted at some of the finest research institutions worldwide, including highly regarded Ivy League universities and major health centers.

Unlike most other medicinal mushroom extracts, AHCC has a very low molecular weight of just 5,000 daltons and is rich in alpha-glucans, increasing absorption and efficacy.

Because of its superior supporting research, AHCC is used by an estimated 1,000 clinics worldwide. It works by stimulating our immune system to better protect itself from foreign invaders.

AHCC has been shown to:

Maintain optimal NK cell activity

Enhance cytokine production

Promote optimal T-cell activity

Promote optimal macrophage activity

Increase the activity & number of dendritic cells

Kinoko AHCC has been shown to be effective in preventing and healing many disease states. Thanks to its early activation of the immune response, it makes us less susceptible to infections and decreases the severity of infections.

Research has also found a shortened recovery time and increased rate to clear foreign invaders and overcome infections. It can also be beneficial to take anytime we are going through a stressful period. Life situations like school exams, work related stress, relationship problems or losing a loved one, etc.
It can also be of great benefit for anyone suffering from various diseases that deplete the immune system, such as cancer.  It is a product for anyone who could benefit from an immune system boost.



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AHCC® (Active hexose correlated compound)

AHCC®  is a patented, low-molecular weight medicinal mushroom extract developed from the mycelia (or underground portion) of a particular subspecies of Lentinula edodes. Supported by more than 20 human clinical studies, AHCC prompts an early activation of the immune system.* It works by enhancing the production of cytokines (immune-signaling molecules) and increasing the activity of certain white blood cells, including NK cells, DC cells, T-cells, and macrophages. 

AHCC Clinical Evidence

 Healthy Adults

Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine Takanari, J., et al. Effects of
Active Hexose Correlated Compound on the Seasonal Variations of Immune Competence in Healthy Subjects.
2015 Jan; 20(1): 28–34

What is the effect of active hexose correlated compound (AHCC) on immune competence in human subjects?

The immunocompetent cells include lymphoid cells (B cell, T cell, natural killer cell, etc.), granulocytic cells
(eosinophil, neutrophil, basophil, etc.), and antigenpresenting cells (macrophage, monocyte, dendritic cell, etc.) and are
affected by various factors including aging, stress, malnutrition, and various additional stressors. Seasonal changes can alter
the immune function, especially with decreases during winter, which is evidenced by infectious diseases having greater incidences
in winter correlated with air temperature. The nasal airway is exposed to cold and cools down, reducing the mucociliary clearance
and compromising the immune response of the nasal airway. In addition, the sympathetic nervous activity is stimulated, increasing
the number of granulocytes, and there is an increase in the secretion of adrenaline and noradrenaline from the adrenal gland.
The number of natural killer cells decreases by adaptive response to low temperature in winter. This study evaluated the effects
of active hexose correlated compound intake on immune competence in healthy volunteers. 

Study Type:
Human intervention, randomized, double-blind, parallel
group, placebo-controlled clinical trial.

Study Design:
Thirty-four subjects were randomized to receive placebo or AHCC for 4 weeks in early winter. All subjects took 4 capsules daily
of active hexose correlated compound (250 mg/capsule) or placebo (250 mg dextrin only/ capsule) for 4 weeks between November
and December. All subjects underwent peripheral blood testing and answered a questionnaire by the visual analog scale method.
Natural killer cell activity was assessed by chromium-51 release assay to measure radioactivity. Immune score was done by lymphocyte
subset analysis by a flow cytometric method for evaluating comprehensive immune strength by scoring various immune indexes,
including the number of T cells, CD8þ CD28þ T cells, naive T cells, B cells, natural killer cells, CD4/CD8 T cell ratio, and naive/memory
T cell ratio. The complete blood count assessed for red blood cells, hemoglobin, hematocrit, platelets, white blood cells, and differential
counts of white blood cells (neutrophil, lymphocyte, monocyte, eosinophil, and basophil).

34 subjects.

1 gram a day

Natural killer cell activity significantly increased in both groups during the study period. The natural killer cell number, however,
was not altered in the active hexose correlated compound group, while the placebo group showed remarkable decline. In addition,
the score of immunological vigor, an index of total immune competence, was maintained in the AHCC group, although that of the
placebo group decreased during the test period. 

The results suggest that continuous use of AHCC maintained immune competence against seasonal changes during winter.



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by Lori Fernandez
on 9/22/2018
from Arizona
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by ildiko
on 4/30/2017
from brentwood`
best AHCC product
The product arrive surprisingly very fast. Thanks for the company.
Since I take this AHCC I was not sick at all.
I highly recommend  this product.
by Barbara
on 4/7/2017
from Tucson, AZ
Cellular Health
This was a recommended supplement from my Cancer Naturopath.  I am still very much alive and kicking some 6 years later and intend to remain that way with excellent medical advice, supplements such as AHCC, good nutrition and plenty of Table Tennis!  Travelling to all parts of the world also stimulates the mind with its planning, execution and new vistas.  Remember that these pills are supplemental to a well-balanced lifestyle!
by Patty Kazimirow
on 1/11/2017
from VA
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