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Quality of Life Labs VitaPQQ, 20mg, 30 Vcaps


In 2003, the prestigious journal Nature reported on the discovery of PQQ — the first new vitamin discovered since 1948. Unlike any of the other 13 known vitamins, PQQ has specific benefits for the mitochondria — the power plants of our cells that generate energy.

Scientific evidence suggests that mitochondrial damage is one of the main causes of aging.

In vivo research indicates PQQ protects against mitochondrial damage. By protecting mitochondrial function, PQQ may slow the aging process. Since the mitochondria generate the energy that powers human life, PQQ may fight age-related fatigue.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trial found PQQ improves short-term memory and focus. VitaPQQ is the first dietary supplement to feature BioPQQ, a patented form of PQQ. In 2010, VitaPQQ was recognized by the highly prestigious Nutracon “Best New Finished Product of the Year” award.

PQQ stimulates growth and serves as a cofactor for a special class of enzymes involved in cellular function including cellular growth, development, differentiation, and survival.

It is also an extremely powerful antioxidant capable of catalyzing continuous cycling (the ability to perform repeated oxidation and reduction reactions) to a much greater degree compared to other antioxidants. For example, PQQ is able to carry out 20,000 catalytic conversions compared to only 4 for vitamin C.

  • PQQ reverses cognitive impairment caused by chronic oxidative stress and improve performance on memory tests in animal models.

  • PQQ supplementation stimulates the production and release of nerve growth factor.

  • PQQ protects against the self-oxidation of the DJ-1 gene, an early step in the onset of Parkinson’s disease.

  • PQQ protects brain cells against oxidative damage in models of strokes.

  • PQQ blocks the formation of inducible nitric oxide synthase, a major source of reactive nitrogen species that are so damaging to brain cells.

  • PQQ protects against the likelihood of severe stroke in an experimental animal model for stroke.

  • PQQ protects the brain against neurotoxicity induced by other powerful toxins, including mercury, glutamate, and oxidopamine (a potent neurotoxin used by scientists to induce Parkinsonism in laboratory animals).

  • PQQ prevents development of alpha-synuclein, a protein associated with Parkinson’s disease.

  • PQQ also protects nerve cells from the damaging effects of the beta-amyloid-protein linked with Alzheimer’s disease.


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PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinine)

PQQ is the first new vitamin discovered since 1948. It has special benefits for the mitochondria — tiny structures within cells that produce energy.* In vivo and clinical research shows PQQ protects existing mitochondria from damage and promotes mitochondrial biogenesis (i.e. the production of new mitochondria).* By doing so, it improves short-term memory and focus and may reduce age-related fatigue.


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