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Redd Remedies Circulation VA, 60 Caps

Arteries and veins are the vessels that comprise the delivery circuit for the cardiovascular system. Arteries are blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart, while the veins are the blood vessels that carry blood back toward the heart.

Maintaining the muscular health of the arteries and the fragile inner lining, called the epithelium is crucial to supporting healthy blood flow from the heart.

While the veins also have the inner lining (epithelium), they require specific support for the valves that push blood back to the heart - especially from the legs and other extremities.

Supporting the health and integrity of the vein and artery structures will maintain normal blood circuit patterns to and from the heart, the delivery of nutrients, and energy-creating resources throughout the body.

Circulation VA combines powerful plant-based ingredients to promote the health of the cardiovascular circuit and its vessels and whole food natto, provides not only a highly active and stable form of nattokinase, but also all the additional immune supporting benefits of this traditional Japanese super food.

Circulation VA addresses circulation by:

  • Supporting vascular strength, tone and health

  • Promoting healthy circulation and platelet aggregation

  • Supporting the healthy structure of arteries & veins

For further support, add our foundational cardiovascular formula, Heart Strong.

Key Ingredients:


Red Vine Leaf Extract  - supports healthy veins and arteries as well as platelet function.

Horse Chestnut -  supports strong blood vessel walls.

Whole Food Nattokinase -  is a naturally fermented, traditional Japanese food rich in enzymes. The whole food natto used in Circulation VA contains a highly active nattokinase, which promotes healthy circulation.

Using a whole food natto preserves all of the other naturally occuring nutrients found in this traditional Japanese food.

Turmeric -  helps the body maintain a healthy inflammatory response.


2 capsules daily with meals. Best taken in divide doses.




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