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Renew Life Norwegian Gold Kids DHA, 60 Chewables

Norwegian Gold Kids DHA is a daily Omega-3 formula for kids ages 3+ that supports brain and eye health.

DHA is an Omega-3 fatty acid that comes from fish oil. DHA is concentrated in the brain and is considered to be essential in the proper growth and development of the brain, nervous system and retina to support optimal cognitive function.

Between birth and five years of age, the human brain increases approximately 3.5 times in mass. It is important that children consume adequate amounts of DHA to continue to support this period of rapid brain and eye growth and development.

Each Softgel Contains:

  • 3X more DHA than the leading kids DHA product – 200 mg per serving

  • 500 IU Vitamin D3 and astaxanthin antioxidant

Norwegian Gold Advanced Fish Oils continuously receive the highest 5-star rating from the International Fish Oils Standards (IFOS) program, the world leader in Omega-3 testing. This certifies that each batch excess all U.S. and international pharmaceutical standards for freshness, purity and potency.

A number of clinical and research studies have proven that DHA is vital for cognitive function, especially as we age and our faculties tend to decline.  Cognition is the ability to perceive and interpret information correctly, and DHA is essential for this important brain function.

It also has a significant impact on behavior and learning and is absolutely essential for proper neural development in infants and children.

DHA is the most abundant of the omega-3 fatty acids in human breast milk, and that is why infants routinely score better on intelligence tests than those who were formula-fed. It is beneficial during nursing, but it is also essential during fetal development in pregnant women.

Recent research has shown that low DHA levels are a significant risk factor for the development of Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia and cognitive impairment related to aging.

There is evidence that DHA plays an important role in depression and mood disorders. It has been observed worlwide that depression is more common in patients with omega-3 fatty acid deficiencies.

DHA is associated with several benefits to cardiovascular health, including reducing triglyceride levels, improving the HDL/LDL ratio, and reducing the risk of fatal heart attacks.

Recent research published in the New England Journal of Medicine, has revealed that the higher the serum levels of omega-3 fatty acids in men, the less risk of sudden death from heart disease.

For more than a decade Renew Life has been making superior-quality products and functional foods using only the purest ingredients found in nature.

Their philosophy has always been that only through proper digestion and a sensible diet can we obtain the nutrients necessary to improve our overall well being, and it is that philosophy that continues to enable their customers to achieve and maintain the vibrant health they deserve.

Renew Life's award-winning product line is growing constantly to meet the needs of today’s consumer.

In addition to a full line of quality internal cleansing formulas, they have developed a complete line of intestinal support formulas, daily fiber supplements, digestive enzymes, Omega oils, high-potency probiotics, natural weight management products and more.

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