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Renew Life ParaGone, Advanced Detoxification Program, 2 Part Program


Advanced Microorganism Detoxification Program:

  • Promotes Balance of Intestinal Microbes

  • Great for Travelers

  • 2-Part Formula

  • Gluten-Free

The herbs and other natural ingredients in ParaGONE provide specific types of support to assist the body with the control of intestinal microbes and promotes a healthy digestive system. This 2-part formula contains no yeast, wheat, corn, soy, gluten, salt, sugar, dairy, animal products, binders, fillers, or artificial ingredients.

Intestinal Microbial Balancing: Black walnut, caprylic acid, clove, garlic, grapefruit, orange, pau d’arco, pippali, pumpkin, quassia, rosemary, thyme, undecylenic acid, wormwood.

Intestinal Soothing: Bismuth citrate, cape aloe, marshmallow.

Parasites are organisms that feed on other organisms, and if you should contract them, they feed on your body. They feed on your cells, your blood, the food you eat, and sap your energy. The microscopic single cell protozoa cause diseases such as malaria, dysentery, and giardiasis.

Worms are another type of parasitic infestation that come in many shapes and sizes, from hookworms measuring only a few millimeters to tapeworms that can grow to lengths of over 30 feet.

There are a number of ways to contract parasites, and Food is one of the most common ways for parasites to enter your body. Undercooked meat is one common breeding ground for parasites, but vegetarians get them too. Eating unclean or mishandled vegetables can bring parasites.

Human contact from someone who has parasites can also result in contamination through a handshake or kiss, or drinking out of the same bottle can transfer parasites. Pets can also pass them onto you, as well as contact with human or animal feces.

there are over 100 different types of parasites that can live in human hosts.  Since the world's population is becoming more mobile, with US tourists traveling to foreign countries where parasites are prevalent and immigrants moving to the US from these countries, parasitic infections are increasing.

The need for an effective formula like Renew Life ParaGone is gaining more importance in our world.

  • For more than a decade Renew Life has been making superior-quality products and functional foods using only the purest ingredients found in nature.

  •  Their philosophy has always been that only through proper digestion and a sensible diet can we obtain the nutrients necessary to improve our overall well being, and it is that philosophy that continues to enable their customers to achieve and maintain the vibrant health they deserve.

    Renew Life's award-winning product line is growing constantly to meet the needs of today’s consumer.

  • In addition to a full line of quality internal cleansing formulas, they have developed a complete line of intestinal support formulas, daily fiber supplements, digestive enzymes, Omega oils, high-potency probiotics, natural weight management products and more.


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by gary l
on 10/6/2014
from maine
got rid of the bugs
This product worked well for me, I recommend it.  
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