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Uronenhancer Erectene, Male Enhancement Gum, 50 Pieces



Erectene is a natural supplement containing nine key ingredients known to effectively aid males suffering from erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, low testosterone levels, premature ejaculation, and poor general sexual performance. The contents of Erectene are maintained in therapeutic amounts, natural, and do not require a doctor visit or a prescription. Most importantly, Erectene does not contain Yohimbe; an ingredient flagged by the FDA as a cause for detrimental side effects in men. Erectene is produced as a chewing gum which allows delivery into the bloodstream via capillary transport across the oral mucosa; a fast and efficient delivery system. In addition, chewing gum promotes saliva which according to dentists helps maintain clean and healthy teeth and gums by eliminating promotion of bacteria.


Men will also notice an Increase In libido and a general feeling of well being. Benefits Include more ridged erections, increased sex drive, increased sexual pleasure and increased sexual confidence. Consumption of alcohol in reasonable and responsible amount has little or no effect on the action or efficacy of Erectene.






L-arginine - Enhances nitric oxide level which relaxes smooth muscles surrounding blood vessels allowing more blood flow which facilitates a better erection


Tribulus Terrestris - A natural precursor to sex hormones. Enzymes in the body convert this precursor to its final sex hormone form. It also permits increased levels of DHEA-which enhances sex drive. Tribulus has been used for decades in Europe and Asia to treat male infertility and erectile dysfunction.


Horny goat weed - Influences neurotransmitter levels of nor epinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin allowing for decreased cortisol levels, facilitating a better erection.


Tongkat ali-longjack - Increases sex drive and function by increasing testosterone. Tongkat has been used in Asia as “Asian Viagra”.


Cnidium monnier - Increases libido and relaxes blood vessel smooth muscle allowing better blood flow much the same as l-arginine.


Maca-ginseng - Contains a multitude of phytochemicals important as hormonal precursors and sterols to increase stamina, strength, energy, libido, and sexual function.


Pregnenolone - Prohormone which uses various pathways to convert to DHEA, progesterone, and testosterone precursors which permits increased libido and sexual performance.


Octacosanol - A natural component in some plant oils. Primary component of sugar cane extract in the form of polycosanol. Also contained in wheat germ oil. Promotes endurance, stamina, visual reaction time, and grip strength all of which are important during the sexual act.


Ginger root - natural bioenhancer




Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the difference between Impotence and erectile dysfunction?


There really isn’t a difference. Impotence and erectile dysfunction both mean the inability to have or maintain an erection during sexual activity. It often means that men are unable to perform properly in bed, leading to embarrassment and the dissatisfaction of both partners. The more popular term today, “Erectile Dysfunction,” is often used by men seeking treatment. It is less taboo than the term “Impotence,” which was more commonly used when the only treatment option was prescription medication.


What causes erectile dysfunction?


There could be many reasons for erectile dysfunction, including age, a decline in physical fitness, boredom, or underlying medical conditions. The following is a list of the most common physical factors:


• Diabetes

• Cardiovascular disorders

• Prostate surgery

• Prescription drug side-effects

• Alcohol and drug abuse

• Smoking

• Age – Impotence can affect men both young and old, although studies show that approximately 20-30% of men over 65 experience it

• Multiple sclerosis

• Hormonal disorders- low testosterone

• Emotional issues – Anxiety, stress, fear, guilt and low self-esteem are key contributors


Erectile dysfunction is twice as likely to manifest in ssmokers. Despite your age, having a healthy body and a healthy mind are two key factors that can help beat impotence. Removing or reducing the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction can help put you back on track towards a long, healthy sex life.


Are you at risk for erectile dysfunction?


If you:


• Abuse your body with alcohol and drugs

• Are anxious, depressed, or stressed

• Take certain prescription medications

• Have suffered bodily trauma from an accident or surgery

• Have chronic diseases or disorders

• Are overweight

• Don't exercise

• Smoke


Then you are at risk for erectile dysfunction. Losing weight and exercising are two easy ways to contribute to better bodily health. Cessation smoking and avoiding the use of alcohol and recreational drugs can also help improve your bodily health. The risk of impotence is twice as high in smokers, so smoking censation can easily help you cut down your chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction.


What can you do about erectile dysfunction?


It depends on the cause. The simplest method of action is to reduce or eliminate risk factors that can contribute to erectile dysfunction. Living a healthy lifestyle usually means better erections. Eating right, quitting smoking, drinking in moderation, avoiding recreational drugs, exercising and keeping your weight under control are all easy steps you can take for better bodily health.


Stress is a real erection killer. For better performance in bed, try to better manage your time and stress levels so you don't bring problems associated with work into the bedroom with you. Stress is a vicious cycle that can lead to a failure to perform in bed, causing more stress and anxiety. Speak to your partner about their expectations of you to help alleviate pressure and the guilt associated with erectile dysfunction.


Prescription drugs and herbal enhancers both offer extra help for men who can't end impotence on their own. These products can support your other efforts for better health.


Prescription drugs vs. herbal male enhancers – What’s the difference?


Prescription drugs and herbal male enhancers offer very different solutions for erectile dysfunction:


Prescription drugs use active ingredients that work on your physiology to give you a drug-induced erection. They are approved by the FDA for the treatment of a medical condition. But drugs also have a wide variety of side-effects and possible drug interactions, and could potentially be hazardous if you have underlying medical conditions. Before taking any prescription medications, especially ones that have cardiovascular side effects, you must discuss your medical history with your physician.


Prescription drugs for impotence tend to have side effects and drug interactions because of the way they work. Pharmaceuticals focus on one aspect of an erection: the nitrogen oxide cycle. They work by inhibiting phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5). This promotes blood flow to the penis, helping improve erection ability. Prescription drugs are only a band-aid solution, though, because they inhibit a class of enzymes in the body for several hours to help promote erections. When the drug wears off, the body returns to its normal state –there is no cumulative effect, so you must take a dose every time you wish to achieve an erection.


Herbal male enhancers are an entirely different approach to ending erectile dysfunction. They tend to have few  side effects or drug interactions. Herbal male enhancers treat your whole body, not just your penis, so you can receive numerous beneficial effects over time. The herbs and minerals included in many enhancers can help you feel better overall, but are specifically formulated to show the greatest potential in improving your sexual performance. They can help improve libido, stamina and testosterone levels, all while reducing stress levels. Herbal male enhancers also provide natural components that can help the nitrogen oxide cycle, much like prescription drugs, but they do not harm the body. Herbal male enhancers provide more prolonged results that accumulate over time, and you do not need to take a pill before engaging in sexual activity. A booster pill before sex will not harm you, but you most likely won’t need one if you’ve already been taking an herbal enhancer for several months.


What are some myths about male enhancement?


The biggest myth is size, no product can add inches to your penis. Beware of products that promise to do so, as no pills, potions, rubs or medications can help you there. Companies that claim their product can add inches are breaking the law and trying to dupe you with false advertising. However, your girth or the thickness of your penis  can be affected by blood flow. Male enhancers can help promote blood flow to the penis, providing thicker, stronger erections that last.


The second biggest myth is time, some companies selling male enhancers will claim that their products work instantly. They do, but the effects are so small that in many cases, users don’t notice. Prescription drugs work right away because their chemical mode of action inhibits enzymes in the blood to alter blood flow to the penis. The effects fade just as quickly as they kick in, unless, you’re one of the unlucky ones who experience priapism, which is an erection lasting more than four hours. It is a serious condition that requires medical attention.


Male enhancers are not drugs, so their effects don’t overwhelm your body or cause drastic changes instantly. They must build up in your system in order for your body to respond to their effects. These changes last longer and are more beneficial than the one-time band-aid solutions you receive from prescription pills. The full effects take three to six months to kick in. Remember, you’re trying to change your body, and that takes time.


Herbal male enhancers work from the inside out, helping stamina, libido, testosterone levels and blood flow, with effects that build up over time. There are many products that claim to have instant effectiveness, but the truth is you need time to better your body. Anything that claims to work instantly does not provide any beneficial, long-term effects to help you end impotence.


Should I tell my partner I’m using an enhancement product?


Sex is not a solo activity. Successful, satisfying, pleasurable sex comes from you and your partner working together. Studies have shown a remarkable difference in success rates between partners who know of the efforts to combat impotence and those who don’t. If you’re not being honest with your partner about your efforts, they may misinterpret your impotence as a lack of desire. It brings added stress to the bedroom, which can greatly affect your success. Honesty and openness is the key to better sex and better relationships in general.


Should I speak to my doctor before using herbal male enhancers?


Regardless of the approach you take to improve your sex life, it’s best to speak with your doctor first. They’ll be able to recommend other steps you should take (such as quitting smoking and drinking alcohol in moderation) to help combat impotence. They can also help assess your fitness level despite your age and other medical conditions, going from little or no sexual activity to a very active sex life is a big change for your body.


What are the side effects of using a male enhancer?


The side effects of prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction can be alarming: Everything from priapism (a medical condition where the penis does not return to a flaccid state after four hours) to blindness, deafness, cardiovascular problems and stroke. On the milder side, you may experience serious flushing and redness in the face after taking prescription medications because of the change in your blood flow. The risk of cardiovascular problems is very real, as prescription drugs affect your circulatory system and you’re engaging in intense physical activity at the same time. You should speak with your doctor at length about your medical history and risk factors before taking these drugs, as there may be severe side effects and drug interactions.


Herbal male enhancers have few, if any side-effects, as the ingredients are all natural. There may be a risk of allergy, so check the label before consumption to see if the ingredients listed are alright for you.






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