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Alpine Pharmaceuticals TraumaCare-Prescription Strength Arnica


SINECCH for ACL Reconstruction Surgery, Swelling after Arthroscopic Knee Surgery, Torn Ligament Recovery, Cosmetic Surgery, and More.  Now the effective homeopathic Arnica Montana formula in SinEcch is available over the counter to ease the bruising and swelling associated with sports and workplace injuries, auto accident trauma, and general surgical recovery.

TraumaCare has proven effective for injuries requiring extensive treatment, such as when an athlete "blows out" his or her knee or its anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), and goes through torn ligament recovery.

It has also been effective in reducing major bruising and swelling after arthroscopic knee surgery and ACL reconstruction surgery. The benefits of TraumaCare can be experienced by those suffering from swelling and bruising associated with sports, workplace, bicycle, and auto accident injuries as well. Thousands of patients have also used TraumaCare to reduce the bruising and swelling associated with various cosmetic surgery procedures.

There are many uses of TraumaCare in the field of sports medicine, as swelling and bruising are commonly associated with sports-related injuries. For simple bruises or swelling incurred by playing football, soccer, basketball, baseball, or other sports, TraumaCare can help.

Below is an abbreviated list of sports. Do you engage in any of these activities? If so, it might be a good idea to keep some TraumaCare on hand – and the good news is that it’s now available over the counter.

Aquatics ○ Archery ○ Badminton ○ Baseball ○ Basketball ○ Bicycling ○ Boxing ○ Canoe/Kayak ○ Curling ○ Cycling ○ Equestrian ○ Fencing ○ Football ○ Gymnastics ○ Handball ○ Hockey ○ Ice Hockey ○ Judo ○ Luge ○ Rowing ○ Running ○ Sailing ○ Shooting ○ Skating ○ Skiing ○ Softball ○ Table Tennis ○ Taekwondo ○ Tennis ○ Volleyball ○ Weightlifting ○ Wrestling

  • ACL Reconstruction Surgery

  • Swelling after Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

  • Torn Ligament Recovery

ACL Reconstruction Surgery:

The ACL is the major stabilizing ligament of the knee, running from the thigh bone to the shin bone through the center of the knee. Usually the tearing of the ACL happens when a person suddenly changes direction or a decelerating force hits the knee, as often happens during sports.

A popping sensation and even a popping sound might be experienced as the ligament tears, and there is a rapid onset of swelling. Pain and swelling continue after arthroscopic knee surgery for the torn ligament; recovery is a lengthy and uncomfortable process.

The ACL can't be sewn back together; the ligament can only be reconstructed. ACL reconstruction surgery is usually followed by a significant amount of swelling from the trauma of surgery, and by bruising (around the scar).

The torn ligament recovery period can easily last up to a year. However, TraumaCare is a safe, effective remedy to help ensure a comfortable healing process.

Swelling after Arthroscopic Knee Surgery:

Arthroscopy is a way for a surgeon to look inside the human body with a small camera. The most common use of arthroscopy is for knee surgery, such as ACL reconstruction surgery, but other common arthroscopic surgeries are performed for the hip, shoulder, wrist, elbow, and ankle.

The swelling after arthroscopic knee surgery or another arthroscopic surgery can be reduced by TraumaCare. Is also very effective for post-surgery recovery and sports medicine, as well as bicycle, and car accident injuries.

Torn Ligament Recovery:

Ligaments are bands of fibrous tissue that connect bones or cartilage in the body, for various purposes. A ligament may provide joint strength and stability, or it may act to limit certain movements. Tearing a ligament — whether in the knee, hand, shoulder, or elsewhere — will usually result in a significant amount of painful swelling.

Many people have used TraumaCare during their torn ligament recovery to reduce swelling and speed their healing process. You can benefit from this use of TraumaCare, too.

Whether you've had ACL reconstruction surgery or you're dealing with swelling after arthroscopic knee surgery, torn ligament recovery, or an injury related to a workplace or motor vehicle accident, TraumaCare can help to make the swelling and bruising recede.





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by DogMa
on 10/1/2012
from Hawaii
Fantastic - this is good medicine
Note to last review - this is not like aspirin or a vitamin. Homeopathy is meant to stimulate a response and then the body follows with the message on its own. You don't take it every day. Read up on how homeopathy works, otherwise you are wasting time and money. I always have this on hand for emergencies and use it for my pets too. 
by fred
on 6/13/2009
from boston
Really does work!
This product is one of those natural products that works as well as a drug.  I had surgery recently and  this arnica helped me recover from the swelling, brusing, and pain so quickly, I could not believe it.  I take it everyday now because I noticed it has relieved the pain from a chronic tennis elbow problem I have had for years.
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