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ApricotPower Bitter Raw Apricot Kernels, 1lb


Our bitter and raw California grown apricot kernels have not been processed in any way that will affect their nutritional value, this ensures that the apricot kernels retain their high levels of B17, natural enzymes and B15.

Dr. Ernest T. Krebs, Jr. is the biochemist and researcher who first isolated vitamin B-17, known as Laetrile, in apricot seeds and also discovered B-15 (pangamic acid), a vitamin which has been proven to be an important adjunctive therapy in the treatment of certain illnesses.

After many years of study and testing, Dr Krebs became convinced of the therapeutic value of Laetrile.  He injected it into his own arm to prove how non-toxic it is, with no harmful or distressing side effects. The Laetrile had no harmful effect on normal cells but has been found to be deadly to cancer cells.

Many people take Laetrile in its natural state, by consuming bitter almonds or apricot seeds.  Unfortunately, some of these people have ended up in the emergency ward, after making themselves ill. It is crucial to following the directions, or take these products under the supervision of a health care professional.

Apricot seeds contain cyanide, and although Laetrile  is less toxic than sugar and 21 times less toxic than aspirin, you can take too much. Too much of anything, even water, can harm you.

Although B-17 is toxic in high doses (just like the mineral selenium) compair it to the drugs used currently in orthodox cancer therapy, that are extremely toxic.

Here is how it works:  Cancer loves sugar, and the sugar in the apricot seeds surrounds cyanide.  The cancer draws in the sugar, eats it, and releases the cyanide at the cancer cell and only at the cancer cell, not healthy cells. There are 2 problems- you can either take too much,  or have a diet high in sugar.

For laetrile to be effective,  you must stop all sugar consumption, cut back drastically on carbohydrates, and then take your apricot seeds.   ketogenic diets are showing great promise in cancer treatment, and goes great with vitamin B-17.

Without an almost no sugar diet, you do your body a great disservice, and it will be difficult to battle your cancer.

Vitamin B17 is also very alkaline, and many believe that high acidity in the blood is the primary cause of cancer. Proper pH is now considered by many doctors and nutritionists as essential to overall health and proper weight management. 

Cancer thrives in an acid environment, and can not survive in an alkaline state.  Eating a diet rich in green vegetables is a great way to get your pH in the healing range.



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