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Barleans Wild & Whole Alaskan Salmon Oil, 90 Gels

Wild caught in the icy cold, pristine waters of Alaska, Barlean's Wild & Whole Salmon Oil salmon oil contains all of the nutritional goodness of unrefined salmon oil with minimal processing only to remove any possible environmental contaminants.

The protective role of fish against heart disease and cancer may be attributed to the type of oil found in certain species of coldwater fish, especially Alaska salmon. These fish oils, referred to as Omega-3, are polyunsaturated.

Their chemical structure and metabolic function are quite different from the polyunsaturated oils found in vegetable oils, known as “Omega-6”.  In the case of Omega-3 oils, a series of eicosanoids are produced, which may result in a decreased risk of heart disease, inflammatory processes, and certain cancers.

  • Full spectrum of healthful Omega-3s

  • 500 mcg Super ORAC Antioxidant Astaxanthin

  • 1,000 IU Vitamin D3

  • All the Nutritional Goodness of Unrefined Salmon Oil

  • Natural Triglyceride Form - Highly Absorbable & Easily Digestible

  • Sustainably Caught

  • Each Batch tested by IFOS for Purity & Safety

Barlean's is committed to providing a range of dietary supplements that meet or exceed their customer’s expectations and they have a history of building long-term partnerships with their customers and suppliers.

It is their philosophy to continuously improve and innovate in all aspects of their company organization. To that end, their quality systems, standards, and procedures are constantly being reviewed to ensure that they extend beyond commonly accepted boundaries of excellence.

Thus they are committed to satisfying and/or surpassing the requirements of customers, consumers, and relevant national and international legislation on Quality and food safety.

What's driving all this activity on the Barlean's family farm in Ferndale? The realization that 8 out of 10 Americans are deficient in essentail fats, called Omega-3 fatty acids. The health consequences of this nutritional deficiency are extensive.

Health authorities, such as Artemis Simopoulos M.D., author of The Omega Plan, indicates disorders such as heart and blood vessel disease, eye problems such as dry eyes and macular degeneration, mood and behavior problems such as attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, autoimmune disorders such as arthritis, diabetes and lupus, skin problems such as psoriasis, and even cancer, may materialize from this common nutritional deficiency.




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