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Health Restorations Immunocet Topical Repair Serum, 1oz


A Revolutionary

Oxygenic Pathway To Total Health

Stephen D. Herman, M.D., D.A.B.R.

Director of Research and Development


As a result of ten years of research, IMMUNOCET has developed an extraordinarily line of topical agents and nutritional supplements utilizing a unique oxygen pathway to augment and harmonize with your natural immune function. All IMMUNOCET products are natural and non toxic.

White blood cells utilize oxidative metabolism to provide potent agents to destroy invading organisms, toxins and tumor cells. IMMUNOCET oxygenates either on your skin or in your body. Use a IMMUNOCET product once and you will enter the oxygen pathway to a lifetime of good health.

IMMMNOCET topical products are effective in a broad spectrum of applications including: infections, dermatitis, burns and injuries. IMMUNOCET sublingual nutritional supplement will help maintain normal immune function where ever immune compromise occurs such as in arthritis, auto-immune disease, viral disease and chronic fatigue states.

IMMUNOCET has had the privilege of putting together an entire natural pharmacy of special products, which gives you a one-stop center for relief from almost any acute or chronic problem.

Perhaps your first experience with an IMMUNOCET product will be for some sudden unexpected problem that arises while you are traveling or are away from home. However, once you realize that IMMUNOCET relies on efficacy, not exaggerated advertisements, you will use these products as your first line of defense for all your future needs.

In today’s world of information overload, everyone faces an appalling dilemma. How do we make vital health and medical decisions for our family and ourselves? Traditionally medicine, in many areas, offers less and less rational advice, as it becomes increasingly reliant upon therapeutic methods that simply do not work and tend to be highly toxic. With this all too obvious fact in mind, many people are willing to look at alternative approaches.

There is increasing recognition that our immune system is our best friend and immune enhancement makes much more sense. Unfortunately, upon entering the multi-faceted alternative areas one is faced with a dizzying array of pseudoscience, misconceptions and advertising hype.

It becomes a matter of which hyperbole do you believe this month. The record is clear. In the face of the most expansive availability of both traditional and alternative choices, the incidence of chronic and deadly disease within our population continues to increase at an alarming rate. Arthritis, autoimmune disease, cancer, heart disease, viral disease, chronic fatigue states – all increasing despite our best efforts. It is now apparent that two major misconceptions are at the heart of the problem.

First, traditional medicine relies upon immunosuppressive as its primary treatment. Second is that alternative medicine advocates naively believe that vitamin and antioxidant therapy is a viable solution to major health problems. As long as these misconceptions persist people will continue to suffer and die needlessly. As long as these stubbornly held misconceptions persist people will continue to be confused and misled.

A new approach to a healthier life and more effective therapies must be based on sound science and of course most importantly, any new product must demonstrate effectiveness. A therapy’s effectiveness will be based on clear and noticeable results that the user experience’s first hand.

This transcends all theoretical debate. It is now universally understood the immune system functions by the production of oxidative products. Antioxidants are therefore immunosuppressive. Please read the included article entitled --- “What you should know about vitamins and antioxidants.”

After years of research and development in collaboration with some of the world’s most prominent scientists, IMMUNOCET has developed a truly unique line of health care products. These products are unlike any other oxygenic health products in the world! We utilize a unique oxygen ionization method, which assists and augments your natural immune system pathways.

By simply using any of our products you will soon learn that we have achieved a true breakthrough. The following pages contain considerable information, which you may want to scan or perhaps you will try an IMMUNOCET oxygenic product and judge for yourself. We unconditionally stand behind the effectiveness and safety of every one of our products.


Most Commonly Asked Questions


1)      Is it natural?

It works in direct harmony with the natural oxidation process of the immune system.

2)      How does it work on the top of the skin?

It is absorbed through the skin and the oxidation effects sets ups signals, which travel from cell to cell.

3)      Why does it work for arthritis?

By blocking the action of interleukins, the inflammatory agents that cause pain.

4)      How can one technology affect so many problems?

In the same way that the immune system controls a wide spectrum of diseases on a daily basis.

5)      Does it work for cancer?

It strengthens the immune system, which allows the body to effectively fight or control disease.

6)      Does it have any side effects?

No side effects have been observed in 8 years of testing and these products are completely safe and non-toxic even if ingested in large amounts.

7)      Is it FDA approved?

      The FDA does not specifically approve nutritional supplements or herbal substances. However, all ingredients are within accepted guidelines for their intended use by the FDA.

8)      Why doesn’t my doctor know about it?

The medical profession at this time relies on such remedies as steroids, chemotherapy and antibiotics. Alterations of this immunosuppressive approach will take considerable time. In the interim, you should not deny yourself the value of this revolutionary oxidation product.

9)      What are the ingredients contained in these products?

A combination of essential fatty acids, natural herbs and specific nutritional agents utilizing a unique oxygenation process that is unavailable in any other product.

10)  How does it work?

By naturally augmenting the oxidation level of the white blood cells which use oxygen as an anti-microbial and immuno-modulatory agent.


Chronic Fatigue States

Degenerative Osteoarthritis

Psoriatic Arthritis




Chronic Infection

Chemo Therapy Side Effects





Rheumatoid Arthritis



Ulcerative Colitis

Crohn’s Disease







Upper Respiratory Infections






Multiple Sclerosis

IMMUNOCET oxygenic technology is a totally new and revolutionary approach to health care. Major and minor health and dermatological problems can now be addressed at an unprecedented level of efficacy without toxic side effects of any kind.

IMMUNOCET products utilize a unique oxygenic technology unlike any other product in the world. Our immune system functions through the production of high energy oxygen metabolites to destroy tumor cells, microorganisms and toxins. These metabolites in turn act as messengers to regulate and modulate your immune function.

IMMUNOCET products are based upon a unique oxygen ionization process, which augments and harmonizes with the natural oxidative function of your immune system. No other product uses this process.

Whenever technology emerges that appears to have an usually broad spectrum of effiacacy, the question is always asked, “how can one thing have so many different uses?” The answer is much simpler than one might think. Millions of years of evolution have created an immune system which functions in one basic way against every insult, organism and toxin it meets.

Therefore when one utilizes the basic science within the white blood cell, that is the production of oxidative metabolites which are anti-microbial, immuno-stimulatory and non-toxic, you tap into the key to maintaining health against the entire spectrum of human disease.

This system also regulates the production of serotonin, prostaglandins and inflammatory interleukins.

Up to now medicine has been a continuous search for a hodge podge of diverse chemicals, often toxic and always unrelated to human evolution and immune system function. This approach has not succeeded with most diseases including cancer, viral disease, chronic degenerative disease, arthritis and others.

All are increasing in an alarming rate. Therefore the proposition that the most rational approach to control of human disease should continue to be the use of untold numbers of unrelated, toxic and immuno-suppressive chemicals should be at long last discarded.




Acne, Allergic Reactions, Anal Fissures, Antiseptic, Arthritis Joint Pain, Barbers Itch, Blisters, Bruises,Burns, Bursitis,Canker Sores, Cuts, Diaper Rash, Canker Sores, Cuts, Diaper Rash, Dry Cracked Skin, Eczema, Ear Infections, Exercise Rub, Eye Infections, Fire Ants, Flea Bites,Foot Odor,Fungal Infection, Gingivitis,Hemorrhoids,Herpes Genitalis,Hives,Impetigo,Insect Bites,Jelly Fish Stings,Jock Itch,Keratoses,Keloid/Scarring,Mosquito Bites,Muscle Cramps, Nail Fungus,Neck/Back Pain, Neuropathy, Paronychia, Poison Ivy, Promotes Healing, Psoriasis, Rejuvenating, Rheumatoid, Ring Worm, Roseacea, Scalp Itch, Scar Prevention, Sea Lice, Sports Injury, Sprains, Sun Burns, Tendinitis, Tooth Ache, Vaginal Itch, Venereal Warts





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