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Miracle II Laundry Ball

The Miracle II Laundry Ball is used for  washing your clothes. It is filled with Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer, and has 209 rounded spikes that gently scrub and massage your clothes with loving care.

The Miracle II Soap & Neutralizer inside the ball emits a strong Negative-Ion Field and breaks up the water molecules so they can reach further into fabric and clean better.

No liquid is released from inside the ball- it is sealed and has a 3 year warranty. For soiled or stained clothes you may need to pre-treat & or use 1/3 of your original laundry detergent or 1-2 capfuls (15-30ml) of Miracle II soap concentrate in the wash.

For hard tank water you may need to add extra Miracle II Soap to your wash. The laundry ball is truly a Miracle for the whole family, especially for those with chemically sensitive skin and allergies. With the Miracle II laundry ball, you can avoid detergents, fragrances, softening agents and chlorine.

The laundy ball will clean your laundry for less than $1.50 per month for 3 years!  Put the laundey ball in the washing machine when the water starts to flow. It is Biodegradable and nonpolluting, and will not damage fabrics. It is totally non-toxic, and Colors stay brighter longer.

No more laundry soaps or softeners Clothes are naturally softer and brighter Saves water - you can skip the rinse cycle. This saves time and electricity, but keep the laundry Ball out of the dryer and away from the dog and cat.

Use as a Therapeutic Ball:

  • Tactile ball & rolls for sensory integration exercises.

  • Use for massage therapy & to improve dexterity skills.

  • Helps improve coordination & flexibility.

  • Helps strengthen hands and feet.

  • Filled with a unique, air/Miracle II Soap/Neutralizer combination that gives them a fantastic feel.

  • Easy to hold.

  • 3.3 inch Diameter, Weight: 0.8 lbs.


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by fred
on 6/25/2014
from boston
I haven't used laundry detergent in years.  This simple ball cleans our clothes just as good, it is so easy to use!
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