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Next to Nature Lithium Orotate, 5mg, 100 tablets


Each tablet contains 134 mg Lithium Orotate yielding 5 mg elemental lithium.

Lithium orotate is very different than the other forms of the mineral.

Pharmaceutical drug forms of lithium require high doses to penetrate our cells, lithium orotate is only needed in extremely small serving size, because a massive amount of the mineral penetrates the cell (approximately 97%).

Lithium orotate is non-toxic, safe, has little to no side effects, and works on 70% to 80% of people who use it.

Studies show that the mineral lithium can actually rejuvenate and build the grey matter nerve cells in the brain by up to three percent, and has been shown to offer anti-aging effects to the brain.

Lithium is a trace element that is used in pharmacologic doses to treat bipolar disease.

While the level of lithium needed by the general population is uncertain, an article published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition suggests the intake of 1 milligram lithium as a daily dose for an adult weighing 70 kilograms.

According to the author, "The biochemical mechanisms of action of lithium appear to be multifactorial and are intercorrelated with the functions of several enzymes, hormones and vitamins, as well as with growth and transforming factors."

A short communication published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition cites an association between higher drinking water lithium concentrations and a decrease in the mortality ratio among 1,206,174 residents of Japan.

The article also reports that exposure to a relatively low concentration of lithium extends the life span of the roundworm known as C. elegans.





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