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 No-Miss Fungus Killer, 7ml, for hands and feet


The finest fungus killer ever made, has an F.D.A. approved ingredient Miconazole Nitrate, tested by the F.D.A. as an ingredient that kills fungus.

Fungus usually grows in between the finger and the nail.

To treat your infection, simply place a drop behind the nail and in between the nail and finger, put a drop on cuticle area as well.

Do not apply on top of the nail, as fungus killer will not penetrate through the nail.

It can not get to the root of the fungus where it is growing, living, & breathing.

Fungus Killer Helps kill fungus, mold, yeast and bacteria on hands and feet. Goes right to the problem.

An all natural, non-greasy(contains no oil) and very effective.

Directions: Clean the affected area and dry thoroughly. Use glass dropper to apply a thin layer of this product over affected area twice daily (morning and night).

Active Ingredient: 2% Miconazole Nitrate.

Inactive Ingredients: S.D. Alcohol - 86%, Deionized Water, White Iodine, Thymol, Potassium Sorbate.

Fungus can cause you to lose your nails. It can get out of control but before it does KILL IT!



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by Jocelyn
on 7/22/2012
from Myrtle Beach
Worked for me!
In 2001 I got a fungal infection under my right thumb nail which at the time I was having my nails done by a professional salon.  We treated the infection for a couple of years but nothing I used would help. I even went to a dematologist and the medication he gave me didn't help.  I removed the nail to see if when it grew back in it would adhere to the bed, it did not. I was getting married in April of 2010 and when I went to a different salon to have a manicure, she asked me to try this product. With reluctancy, I did exactly what the directions said and within three months, I had a brand new nail, growing normally and it was totally adhering to the bed.  No more wearing bandaids to keep the nail on.  After nine years of suffering with this fungus, not even a whole bottle of Antifungal Fungus Killer gave me my nail back and pretty hands at last.  After using all kinds of products and other remedies, I would reccommend this product to anyone suffering from a fungus of the hands and/or feet.
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