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Prescribed Choice  Prosplex Plus  90 Caps

ProsPlex Plus is a natural formulation containing nutrients essential for male prostate health. Included in this formula are Saw Palmetto Berry Extract, Zinc Gluconate, Pumpkin Seed, Pygeum Extract, IP-6, Quercetin and Lycopene.*


A study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute studied over 47,000 men monitoring dietary intake for one year. Overall, research concluded that lycopene effectively reduces prostate cancer risk compared to other carotenoids because subjects with diets high in lycopenes, overall had lower incidences of prostate cancer*

As men age, their prostate gland often enlarges. This condition is referred to as Benign Prostate Hypertrophy or BPH*

Over 50% of American men will develop an enlarged prostate in their lifetime*

Dietary supplementation of nutrients essential for prostate health have been shown to be effective in the relief of BPH*

Designed for its use as an effective natural Cox-2 inhibitor and inflammation reducer. Recent research suggests that inhibiting an enzyme known as Cox-2 may be an effective way to reduce inflammation*

Vitamin D3 and zinc improve circulation and may promote healthy joint tissue*

The Lycopene included in our formula has been studied to effectively prevent cancers of the colon, rectum, prostate, lungs and stomach*



Saw Palmetto has long been known for its effectiveness in the relief of prostate related disorders, such as BPH. Approximately 90% of men with mild to moderate BPH see some improvement in symptoms during the first few weeks of therapy*

Green Tea Extract contains polyphenols which help the body to deflect free radicals and prevent cancerous cells*

IP-6 has reportedly been used for helping the body prevent illnesses such as kidney stones, heart disease or even anemia. All the cells in our body require IP-6 for healthy function*

By theory, increasing the amount of inositol phosphates in the cells will make each cell, as well as the entire immune system, stronger and more capable of killing abnormal cells that potentially could be cancerous*



Dietary supplementation of the nutrients IP-6, Quercetin and Lycopene have shown to be helpful when used for combating Prostate cancer and supporting a healthy immune system*

Zinc boosts wound healing time, combats common colds and helps to prevent infections of the ear and respiratory system*

Our Tomato-sourced Lycopene is rich in multivitamins, potassium, carotenoids and antioxidants which contribute to balanced overall health*


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