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Pure Essence Labs Life Essence Multiple, 120 tabs

Multiples exist to provide everything your cells need, but may not get enough of from foods. That's why in our multiples, vitamins and minerals are joined by enzymes, trace elements, carotenoids, bioflavonoids, co-nutrients, immune factors, and so on.

Most importantly, they are literally packed with the phyto-nutrients found in SuperFoods and Superior Herbs.  In short, SuperFoods and Superior Herbs provide countless nutrients that no table foods provide. These nutrients provide benefits that no others can match. Put simply, any well-designed multiple must contain these foods in the greatest potency and variety possible.

LifeEssence is for those whose lifestyles demand maximum energy, or whose diets fail to provide the seven to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables nutritionists and dietitians recommend. This four-tablet formula is remarkably energizing, and supports the actions of every cell in the body. A truly amazing product!


Phyto-nutrients (also known as phyto-chemicals) are factors that are found only in plants. Plants make them to protect their own cells against molds, yeasts, fungi, germs, viruses, bacteria, and the oxidation caused by free radicals. When we consume them, they protect our cells in the same ways. So far as medical science knows, there is nothing else on earth that can protect cells from damage, maintain efficient cellular function, and protect health.

Nutritionists and doctors agree that we should eat more fruits and vegetables because these foods are the most common sources of phyto-nutrients. Science now agrees that children should get at least five cup sized servings each day, adult women should get nine, and adult men should get up to 13. Yet, less than one in 10 Americans get even half of what they need. This creates a phyto-nutrient deficiency that undermines health by limiting every type of cellular function.

 We know we should eat seven to 13 cups of fruits and vegetables each day, nut it is hard to do. For many people, fruits and vegetables are not their favorite foods.

 In the last decade, phyto-nutrients have begun to show up in supplements, mostly providing them in limited varieties and amounts. Well designed supplements can deliver the amounts and varieties of phyto-nutrients we need to make a major difference in our health. But, to do so, they must include not only a wide variety of fruit and vegetable concentrates, but the world's great SuperFoods and Superior Herbs, as well.


Because of the success of products made by Pure Essence Labs, many companies started using small amounts of true SuperFoods in their supplements. They began to use whole foods, like spinach and broccoli, calling them "Whole food supplements" and "SuperFoods".

The term SuperFoods is termed by nutritionists for foods that contain huge levels of completely digestible proteins, and that also provide valuable phyto-nutrient complexes. Examples include Spirulina with over 60% protein, and the juices of young Oat, Wheat and Barley sprouts, around 45% protein.

These foods are all rich in chlorophyll, and Spirulina provides phycocyanin, an antioxidant that is being studied for countless protective health benefits. The juice of grasses contain vast numbers of enzymes, including SOD, which is considered to be a master antioxidant that protects cells from free radical oxidation. Moringa has 4 times the chlorophyll of wheat grass.

Because these foods provide such large amounts of protein, plus a complete array of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, fiber & antioxidants, they give cells almost everything they need to produce energy. Because they also contain antioxidant phyto-nutrients, they truely deserve to be called superfoods.

Superior Herbs:

There are three major categories of herbs, culinary, medicinal, and tonifying. Culinary herbs are used in cooking to spice up the flavor of foods. Medicinal herbs purpose is to be used temporarily while we recover from a less than healthy, or "inferior" state. Tonifying herbs are considered by Traditional Chinese Medicine as the superior herb, because they build health, which is the "superior" state.

Superior Herbs are the world's oldest and profound affect dietary supplements. They have been used holistically for almost 4000 years. They are considered the plants whose phyto-nutrients strengthen, invigorate or restore normal function to the major organs and glands. They are so important because they contain very unique phyto-nutrients that are not found in any other plants. These phyto-nutrients work on specific types of cells, so you can use single Superior Herbs to benefit a single organ or body function, or to support your cells as a whole.

Superior Herbs are the superstars of the botanical kingdom, the greatest of all the SuperFoods. They play a significant role in Pure Essence Labs multiple.



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