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Pure Planet Aloe Vera 40X Concentrate

Among all of the desert plants, none has a more important role in healing our body, as does Aloe Vera. 

Traditionally valued for its burn and wound healing qualities, science has now shown that Aloe Vera stimulates the immune system by providing certain compounds called polysaccharides as well as other anti-inflammatory compounds that help to relieve arthritis pain.

Unfortunately, only one variety of Aloe contains significant quantities of these compounds and some companies are selling you the wrong variety.

Even when you do get the proper variety, it typically has been diluted significantly (notice the “watery” texture) and sweetened with artificial flavorings.

Pure Planet Products is proud to offer the world’s highest quality Aloe Vera juice concentrate that is grown without the use of chemicals, and contains an abundance of the valuable compounds that made Aloe Vera famous.

This 100% pure 40x Aloe Vera Concentrate is so powerful only a fraction of a teaspoon added to your favorite juice or water is enough to deliver the desired effect.  Do not be fooled by watered down products…chose the best and strongest Aloe Vera Concentrate from Pure Planet Products.

Aloe Vera is one of the most revered of all African herbs and has been exported to every corner of the world.  Hippocrates himself called aloe “the potted physician” for its amazing healing properties. Grown organically in the Carribean.

We create the highly concentrated, 40x Aloe by removing the fibers and water. You get a purer, more effective, Aloe product that is more environmentally friendly to ship.

  • Supports healthy immune function

  • May aid in healthy digestion

  • May support healthy joint function

  • May support healthy blood glucose levels

Pure Planet promotes vibrant health and longevity by providing products composed of synergistically combined super foods that are carefully selected to nourish at the cellular level, activating your metabolism and boosting your immune defense.

Pure Planet promotes anti-aging and believe everyone should live a long healthy life free from suffering and disease. They believe true health radiates from within as a reflection of vitality. They teach anti-aging techniques! The holistic techniques they have mastered have an amazing rejuvenating effect on the entire body.

Pure Planet products help to re-activate the body by providing foods with high nutritional density and low caloric value, which is the exact opposite of our current American diet. They believe internal supplementation with our specialized whole food formulas gives everyone the opportunity to achieve radiant health for life.

Instructions: Dilute one teaspoon into purified water, juice, green drink, or any cold beverage and drink daily.

Ingredients: 40x Aloe Vera Concentrate. Other ingredients required by law and to preserve freshness: Potassium Sorbate 0.08%, Sodium Benzoate 0.08%.



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