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Pure Planet Tart Cherry Concentrate, 16 floz

Pure Planet Tart Cherry Concentrate is made from tart cherries, one of nature's most nutritionally dense food. Loaded with antioxidants and phyto-chemicals, each serving contain 7,000 ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) units.

Cherries offer nature's most powerful combination of cell rejuvenating antioxidants and plant compounds, plus the highest ORAC content per serving of any known fruit concentrate.

Research has found that when 5,000 ORAC units a day are consumed through food, the risk of disease and premature aging are substantially reduced.

Pure Planet has captured the health-promoting benefits of tart cherries in the most nutritionally potent fruit juice available, and each serving contains a whopping 5,286 ORAC units.


  • Melatonin to help balance circadian rhythms that support improved sleep

  • Anthocyanins and bioflavonoids that promote healthy joint function

  • Isoqueritrin and queritrin, antioxidants studies have shown to work to eliminate by-products of oxidative stress and thereby slow the aging process.

  • Ellagic acid, clinically tested by the Hollings Cancer Institute and Medical Research Centers

  • Perillyl alcohol which has shown unprecedented success in 100% of its clinical applications

  • Cell-rejuvenating antioxidants and rare plant compounds

  • Highest Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity content per serving of any known fruit

  • Flash Pasteurized 16 fl. oz. concentrate

Pure Planet promotes vibrant health and longevity by providing products composed of synergistically combined super foods that are carefully selected to nourish at the cellular level, activating your metabolism and boosting your immune defense.

Pure Planet promotes anti-aging and believe everyone should live a long healthy life free from suffering and disease. They believe true health radiates from within as a reflection of vitality. They teach anti-aging techniques! The holistic techniques they have mastered have an amazing rejuvenating effect on the entire body.

Pure Planet products help to re-activate the body by providing foods with high nutritional density and low caloric value, which is the exact opposite of our current American diet. They believe internal supplementation with our specialized whole food formulas gives everyone the opportunity to achieve radiant health for life.

Instructions: Add 1/2 oz to 1 oz (1-2 tbsp) of concentrate to 8-10 oz of purified water or juice and drink daily.  Works best when taken thirty minutes to an hour before going to bed.

Ingredients: Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate



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